NOW TV & The Walking Dead

With the highly anticipated return of The Walking Dead to NOW TV, fans were eager to find out who Negan and Lucille had mercy on.

Now TV, WCRS and Inky Illustration Agency gave the fans a chance to vote in real time which character they’d like to save.

Over the course of this week-long screencast, fans can vote on Twitter and Facebook using #Save___NOW to show their support, see their votes counted live in real time, receive personalised thankyou videos from their favourite characters, and be entered into a competition to win a gory care package of The Walking Dead-themed NOW TV prizes.

The colourful live screencast ran 24/7 through Facebook Live via API and, in a worldwide media ‘first’, through a new closed-beta feature on Twitter’s Periscope platform, which features illustrations of all 11 characters, animated GIFs, quotes and fan-focused Easter eggs from the last six seasons.
Artists Brief

Inky Illustration Agency were giving the task of creating the characters for the project and the background for the vote to play out on.

There were 12 characters in total, 3 severed hands and a blank placard. It took around two weeks to complete the work.